The best STAR WARS protagonists

On this May the fourth – commonly known as Star Wars day – we thought we’d celebrate the real stars of the iconic saga.

Our editors looked deep into the archives to find the best Star Wars pictures OF ALL TIME:

Atchoum the Cat
© Atchoum the Cat
Ryder the Samoyed
© Ryder the Samoyed
Obiwan the Frenchie
© Obiwan the Frenchie
Crusoe the Dachshund
© Crusoe the Dachshund
Tuna the Chiweenie
© Tuna the Chiweenie
Ducky the Yorkie
© Ducky the Yorkie
Chewie the Pom
© Chewie the Pom

May the force be with you on this special day.


Some of these images’ quality might have been deteriorated due to archiving issues.