The most STYLISH pets of all time

11 April 2018 marks UK’s National Pet Day!

You saw it first here: Pets are the new celebrities. They’re also the new style icons.

To prove it, here are 5 of the most STYLISH pets we could find:

The Menswear Dog
© The Menswear Dog for Mr Porter
Bear the Chow Chow
© Bear the Chow Chow
Zappa the Cat
© Zappa the Cat
Dachi the Shiba
© Dachi the Shiba
Kylo the Pomsky
© Kylo the Pomsky

The brands you HAVE TO wear this season

© Bear wearing Pawmain

Dogwear is changing. The time for boring old trench coats is over. This season, be daring, be bold, be trendy.

Who said pets had to wear the same winter coats year after year? If humans can be on trend, so can pets. And now, new brands are giving this opportunity for everyone to follow the very hype streetwear trends. These labels have invaded our Instagram feeds with high quality pictures with the most stylish cats and dogs. You probably know who I’m talking about – both Dachi and Zappa have been featured numerous times on the Hypebeast and have now made a name for themselves. These brands that these new influencers are embracing are all the rage this season.

From retake on human’s Supreme hoodies to bringing Fendi’s Bag Bugs to angry pups, there is no reason for pets not to follow the hypest trends.

We bring you the best:

© Pawmain
© Pawkier
© Icon Dogwear
© Petements
© Hype Pups
© Fresh Pawz
© Ruffer