Player of the Month: PUMBA!

Ok bitches, this is a danger alert! His gaze is daring, eyes piercing strong with desire, his smile will make you weak – yes we are barking about the one and only Norwegian Staffordshire Bull Terrier : Pumba. 

He’s been spotted with numerous lady friends…strolling in the park, sharing snacks and even play dates. 

Should you bump into him, avoid any eye contact – he was born a natural seducer. Sources confirmed he will make your legs wobbly with words like (we quote) “Lets play baby”… 

Should you ignore PETS advice, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. 

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© Pumba the Staffy

Fan Profile: Daisy

Our fan series continues.

Celebrity pets most often emerge from the Internet, which is in itself accessible from (almost) everywhere. And so we thought we would trot the globe to get all the worldly points of view on our favourite stars. Today, Barcelonian Daisy talks to us about her style, her inspirations and tells us all about the gossip she heard on her travels.

First of all, could you start by introducing yourself?

Hi, my name is Daisy. I am a thirteen year old, mixed race pooch, born in the caribbean but have lived all around Europe for the last eight years. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I tend to dress quite classic, but always like to add some edge, whether its a nice fish-net, or dog-martens. 

What is your favourite S/S 2018 pet trend?

As I mentioned, I tend to go for the classics like Pawmain and Pawlenciaga, but you know recently with this hype for streetwear I have found myself embracing streetwear brands such as Pupreme, and Petements. It’s always quite fun and playful to mix and match couture with street-wear, especially as it gives it a tad bit of edge.

© Jasmine Boni-Ball

Can you let us know of any Instagram accounts you follow?

Wow, too many that’s for sure. I would have to say my favourite’s are Norma and Bambi Jenner,  but since the whole pregnancy, they totally have just gone MIA. Another is Miss Asia Kinney, whom regardless of her parents breakup, is still such a style icon and in general empowering female. Last but not least, who could actually forget Choupette Lagerfeld; style icon and fashionista. 

What are your top tricks to keep up to date with our fav celebs?

Recently I have been trying to take a break from social media, but I can’t help but use my morning coffee time, to catch up on social media feeds. E-news is another go to for the scandalous pet stories. 

Who is your biggest inspiration in the animal kingdom?

I would have to say Street Cat Bob. I use to run into him in Covent Garden a few years ago, really liking how he was able to pull off all these different hues and shades of colours in these incredible scarves, regardless of his ginger complexion.  He disappeared for a while and the next thing I know there is a film about him. Just incredible, he literally started from the bottom and now he’s a star. 

What is your favourite scandal story so far?

Well I’ve just flown back from LA and there are rumours circulating that Grumpy Cat, actually isn’t grumpy because of her underbite, but supposedly because of her addiction to Botox. Embrace your natural beauty ladies. 

Any celebrity crush we should know about?

So right now in this current moment, none. Considering I just got out of this long distance relationship with a Cane Corso in Milan (whom I actually caught cheating on me with not one, but another two girls), I’ve just decided to focus on myself and not fantasise on any celebrity, nor ex, nor no-one. At all!


Fan Profile: Gringo

Who would our celebs be without their adoring audience? Fans and followers are really what makes a celebrity. PETS decided to go out and have a chat with our most loyal readers to dig their views and best gossip on who’s who and what they think we should all be wearing. Our first profile is on Gringo the Pug and here’s what he has to say:

First of all, could you start by introducing yourself?

My name’s Gringo, I’m a pug from North London and an avid celeb-dog follower. My human is Ruyi and she gives me all the cuddles.

Describe yourself in three words.

Short, wide, witty.

How would you describe your personal style?

I’m kinda going through a tough phase with my body at the moment. I’ve been eating way too many dog biscuits and really need to get back on track with my walks. I guess I therefore like to wear loose things; wide harnesses, maybe a kerchief but NEVER any tight, knitted jumpers.

© Ruyi Meer

What is your favourite S/S 2018 pet trend?

I mean, I’d never really wear it myself but I’m really digging onesies at the moment. They suck all the fur in but I think to look good in one you’d need longer legs than I have.

Can you let us know of any Instagram accounts you follow?

Doug the Pug– of course, but I’m also obsessed with Ryder The Samoyed.

What are your top tricks so keep up to date with our fav celebs?

Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is scroll through all my favourite pets’ Instragram stories! They’re a super great way find out immediate info on what they’re doing, wearing, or even eating! Keeping up with all the pets I admire is a really motivation start to my day. But then for those times where I need more in-depth and structured news I will always turn to Pets Mag. It has the 411 on all the pets you need to care about.

Who is your biggest inspiration in the animal kingdom?

I’m going to have to say Ryder the Samoyed. As a fellow plus-sized pup, I love seeing my kind being represented and think it’s important for pets to see that skinny-minnie Chihuahuas are not like the average dog!

What is your favourite scandal story so far?

A couple of years ago Doug the Pug was in London and came to visit The Batman Pug– it was all over my Instagram feed. They looked really cute and happy together but apparently Batman chased Doug’s tail so ferociously that he bit it, leaving Doug in tears. I was a real fan of him before but I can’t believe he did that to a fellow brother! The day I heard I blocked him off Insta, I don’t really want to see him pretending to be nice to all of his followers- it’s all fake!

Any celebrity crush we should know about?

Not at the moment, I’m at a place in my life where I want to just focus on my owner and myself- she gives me all the love I need!



Doug the Pug

If you’re a dog lover, you’ve heard about him. If you are a real pug fan, you follow him. And in case you’ve never seen him (boo you!) here is all you need to know about…


Be prepared, you will become addicted. Instantly. 

Born in the home of a pug breeder in Ohio 2011, the short-muzzled puppy moved in with Leslie Mosier, a graphic designer from Nashville. With a 3.3million “Dougtato” follower base on Instagram, Doug outshines most celebrity pets and here are a few reasons why:

  1. He’s photogenic & charismatic AF 

His smile, that quadruple chin, his compelling charm … you will be smitten instantly. Some may call it magic, others will it call the Doug Effect. 

Doug Portrait by Rob Chianelli
© Doug Portrait by Rob Chianelli

2. Fur what its worth…

…he’s an attention and cuddle seeker. As soon as his dad gets the camera out, he wiggles his tail and gets excited to pose as he knows it’ll be followed by a lot of petting. 

© Doug in South Beach, Miami by Rob Chianelli

3. He gets to meet all the human celebrities

Thanks to his good looks and the best Instagram account ever, Doug grants TV studios in LA his presence to take pictures with actors, and allows some human musicians to get a precious selfie with him.

© Dua Lipa, Doug the Pug and Leslie Mosier in Nashville, Tennessee

4.  He’s a big brother 

Doug has a sister called Fiona, a petite British short hair kitten. You do not want to get your paws on her as we’ve heard Doug is not one to mess with. 

© Doug the Pug and Fiona the Feline by Rob Chianelli

4. He is the first verified animal on Spotify 

If you are ready to let the dogs out, follow Doug The Pug on Spotify. 

© Doug the Pug’s account on Spotify

There are many more reasons to love Doug. Above all, it is the Pug life he leads that’s just so fascinating and our PETS community HAS TO follow his every move.


All of Doug’s pictures are taken by his talented photographer dad, Rob Chianelli.

Featured image taken from the book by Leslie Mosier (2016), Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture