Grumpy Cat: Addicted to BOTOX!


A source has revealed that Grumpy Cat is addicted to BOTOX!

We all know that face. The moaning expression of world-famous Grumpy Cat (given name Tardar Sauce), supposedly due to feline dwarfism, is a LIE! She is not grumpy because of a physical malformation, but due to years of being addicted to botox.

We’ve all been there. Couple of touch ups never hurt anyone. But an addiction, really?

With her posts getting comments like “Grumpy, but charming 😻”, one can only know how much you’d want to maintain the distinctive feature. It is her trademark, after all. But has the addiction come before her rise to fame in 2012, or has it developed in the aim to stay popular?

Grumpy Cat
© Grumpy Cat

This revelation really questions the integrity of our favourite celebrities. Who can we trust? What is real? Is everything Grumpy Cat shared with us made up?

The only thing we can hope now is that she deals with her addiction and quits. We suggest a rehab where she’d learn to love herself for who she really is. Who knows, maybe we’ll love the real Tardar Sauce too.

PAWMAIN upped the game!

We all know about dogwear brand Pawmain. PETS reported on it not too long ago.

But what you probably didn’t know about it, was the whole lifestyle Pawmain offers its costumers. Wearing the Pupreme hoodie over a Ruff-While tee just does not cut it anymore. We need more.

Pupreme food and water bowls? PAWMAIN DID IT!

Carlos the Frenchie with Pawmain Pupreme Bowl
© Carlos the Frenchie with Pawmain Pupreme Bowl

At the park, the brand allows you to get your fetch game on fleek.

Impress all your fellow canine companions with their brand new fetch stick.

Savage the Frenchie and Pawmain Fetch Stick
© Savage the Frenchie and Pawmain Fetch Stick

Be quick though, Pupreme balls are selling fast.

Pawmain Pupreme Balls
© Pawmain Pupreme Balls


The wedding EVERYONE will be talking about

It’s official! Doug the Pug and Fiona‘s humans are getting MARRIED!

Doug's family at Ninth and Everett
© Ninth and Everett

Leslie and Rob got engaged last year. A source has confirmed the preparations are coming along nicely and Doug will be the best man and ring-bearer.

An Instagram post has even exclusively shared a contract with wedding planners Ninth and Everett to guarantee the best wedding ever. The post has been blurred due to confidentiality agreement but we can confirm they were the ones in charge for Audrey Versace’s birthday party (remember the party everyone talked about after Audrey showed some horrible cellulite when coming out of her limo??).

Doug's Grandma and Leslie Mosier
© Doug’s Grandma and Leslie Mosier

Our guess is, this wedding will be better! Fiona is too young to be public speaking yet so she’ll only be the flower girl at this party. Pug will give a speech and we already know it’ll be as funny and witty as all of his other ones!

How EXCITED is everyone?


The brands you HAVE TO wear this season

© Bear wearing Pawmain

Dogwear is changing. The time for boring old trench coats is over. This season, be daring, be bold, be trendy.

Who said pets had to wear the same winter coats year after year? If humans can be on trend, so can pets. And now, new brands are giving this opportunity for everyone to follow the very hype streetwear trends. These labels have invaded our Instagram feeds with high quality pictures with the most stylish cats and dogs. You probably know who I’m talking about – both Dachi and Zappa have been featured numerous times on the Hypebeast and have now made a name for themselves. These brands that these new influencers are embracing are all the rage this season.

From retake on human’s Supreme hoodies to bringing Fendi’s Bag Bugs to angry pups, there is no reason for pets not to follow the hypest trends.

We bring you the best:

© Pawmain
© Pawkier
© Icon Dogwear
© Petements
© Hype Pups
© Fresh Pawz
© Ruffer

SCANDAL: Doug and Batman, not friends after all!



How psyched was everyone about Doug the Pug coming to London??

Doug The Pug, originally from Nashville is the typical jetsetter. Him and his humans are constantly travelling across America and the globe for press conferences and book tours. But how happy were we Brits when they announced his book signing was coming all the way to London? Not only did that mean that his biggest fans could get a precious pawtograph, but that would also fill our social media feeds with very exciting pictures and videos! Doug next to Big Ben, Doug in a red bus, Doug at the platform 9 3/4, and all the best poses in the best locations were definitely on point.

Another thing that was going to be very exciting was this: Doug finally meeting our own UK-famous pug, Batman. Batman is (or was!) our little nation’s sweetheart and we couldn’t be happier for these two pugs to have some valuable bonding time. That was until our so-called friendly Brit started biting Doug’s tale! We know it is his money maker (all those tale waving videos are to die-for), but come on, only friendly competition is allowed here. At Pets, we don’t condemn animosity and that’s why Batman is now on our blacklist. We encourage our readers to do the same.

Rumor has it Doug was crying to his human Leslie for hours before it got better. They almost had to rush him to the emergency vet but that was before Leslie distracted him with a little detour by Pizza Hut, which made everything better. Well, almost everything. One thing that won’t get better anytime soon is Doug and Batman’s relationship which is definitely OVER!