Exclusive: Grumpy Cat Addicted to Botox

Grumpy Cat: Addicted to BOTOX!


A source has revealed that Grumpy Cat is addicted to BOTOX!

We all know that face. The moaning expression of world-famous Grumpy Cat (given name Tardar Sauce), supposedly due to feline dwarfism, is a LIE! She is not grumpy because of a physical malformation, but due to years of being addicted to botox.

We’ve all been there. Couple of touch ups never hurt anyone. But an addiction, really?

With her posts getting comments like “Grumpy, but charming 😻”, one can only know how much you’d want to maintain the distinctive feature. It is her trademark, after all. But has the addiction come before her rise to fame in 2012, or has it developed in the aim to stay popular?

Grumpy Cat
© Grumpy Cat

This revelation really questions the integrity of our favourite celebrities. Who can we trust? What is real? Is everything Grumpy Cat shared with us made up?

The only thing we can hope now is that she deals with her addiction and quits. We suggest a rehab where she’d learn to love herself for who she really is. Who knows, maybe we’ll love the real Tardar Sauce too.

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