Twinkle Tush

Have you got your REAR in GEAR?

The internet has just been broken – AGAIN – by Puggy Smalls and his oh-so-stylish fashion accessories ! JEWEL BUTTHOLE COVERS (!!!) are the newest accessory that every fashion-crazed pet needs.  Thanks to Puggy Smalls, every dog can be dolled-up and every feline, fabulous with the latest wave of upmarket treats.

Puggy Smalls wearing Twinkle Tush
© Puggy Smalls wearing Twinkle Tush

These butt jewels (from Twinkle Tush) come in loads of different colours and stickers (yes, there’s more! – from RearGear) come in many designs including a heart, flower, biohazard, smiley face, number one ribbon, cupcake, sheriff’s badge, dice and disco ball, for all those wanting to get their ‘Night Fever’ on. But wait… that’s not just it. If these super-cool designs don’t tickle your fancy, you can can even make your own customised butt jewel.

If you can’t get a booty like Kim K or J-Lo, don’t stop yourself from showing it off – get yourself one today! The key to being cool is all in the styling. And the more glam – the more crazy – the better. If you can’t think of ways to style but are desperate for hot trend like this, just have a browse through our featured famous pets.

Matched with the latest Pupreme or Petements hoodies, and with the appointment of Virgil Abloh for Louis Vuitton could we see an LV X TINKLE TUSH collaboration on the board? I’m sure that this will be more than just a trend but a break-through for designer ass-cesories!

I just can’t wait to see poochy’s bootys hit the streets !

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