Doug the Pug Ninth and Everett

The wedding EVERYONE will be talking about

It’s official! Doug the Pug and Fiona‘s humans are getting MARRIED!

Doug's family at Ninth and Everett
© Ninth and Everett

Leslie and Rob got engaged last year. A source has confirmed the preparations are coming along nicely and Doug will be the best man and ring-bearer.

An Instagram post has even exclusively shared a contract with wedding planners Ninth and Everett to guarantee the best wedding ever. The post has been blurred due to confidentiality agreement but we can confirm they were the ones in charge for Audrey Versace’s birthday party (remember the party everyone talked about after Audrey showed some horrible cellulite when coming out of her limo??).

Doug's Grandma and Leslie Mosier
© Doug’s Grandma and Leslie Mosier

Our guess is, this wedding will be better! Fiona is too young to be public speaking yet so she’ll only be the flower girl at this party. Pug will give a speech and we already know it’ll be as funny and witty as all of his other ones!

How EXCITED is everyone?


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