Doug the Pug

If you’re a dog lover, you’ve heard about him. If you are a real pug fan, you follow him. And in case you’ve never seen him (boo you!) here is all you need to know about…


Be prepared, you will become addicted. Instantly. 

Born in the home of a pug breeder in Ohio 2011, the short-muzzled puppy moved in with Leslie Mosier, a graphic designer from Nashville. With a 3.3million “Dougtato” follower base on Instagram, Doug outshines most celebrity pets and here are a few reasons why:

  1. He’s photogenic & charismatic AF 

His smile, that quadruple chin, his compelling charm … you will be smitten instantly. Some may call it magic, others will it call the Doug Effect. 

Doug Portrait by Rob Chianelli
© Doug Portrait by Rob Chianelli

2. Fur what its worth…

…he’s an attention and cuddle seeker. As soon as his dad gets the camera out, he wiggles his tail and gets excited to pose as he knows it’ll be followed by a lot of petting. 

© Doug in South Beach, Miami by Rob Chianelli

3. He gets to meet all the human celebrities

Thanks to his good looks and the best Instagram account ever, Doug grants TV studios in LA his presence to take pictures with actors, and allows some human musicians to get a precious selfie with him.

© Dua Lipa, Doug the Pug and Leslie Mosier in Nashville, Tennessee

4.  He’s a big brother 

Doug has a sister called Fiona, a petite British short hair kitten. You do not want to get your paws on her as we’ve heard Doug is not one to mess with. 

© Doug the Pug and Fiona the Feline by Rob Chianelli

4. He is the first verified animal on Spotify 

If you are ready to let the dogs out, follow Doug The Pug on Spotify. 

© Doug the Pug’s account on Spotify

There are many more reasons to love Doug. Above all, it is the Pug life he leads that’s just so fascinating and our PETS community HAS TO follow his every move.


All of Doug’s pictures are taken by his talented photographer dad, Rob Chianelli.

Featured image taken from the book by Leslie Mosier (2016), Doug the Pug: The King of Pop Culture

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