Player of the Month: PUMBA!

Ok bitches, this is a danger alert! His gaze is daring, eyes piercing strong with desire, his smile will make you weak – yes we are barking about the one and only Norwegian Staffordshire Bull Terrier : Pumba. 

He’s been spotted with numerous lady friends…strolling in the park, sharing snacks and even play dates. 

Should you bump into him, avoid any eye contact – he was born a natural seducer. Sources confirmed he will make your legs wobbly with words like (we quote) “Lets play baby”… 

Should you ignore PETS advice, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 22.30.31Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 22.33.30Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 22.37.19Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 22.38.40

© Pumba the Staffy


There were rumours, we weren’t sure what was going on between the two but now truth has been told.

 This week, we’re devastated to announce Cooper and Cookie are JUST FRIENDS. In one of his latest posts, Cooper shared his heartbreak of being friend-zoned despite his romantic gestures including gifting her with a bouquet.

Well what can we say, the heart wants what it wants.

 Cookie herself disclaimed that she still loves him…in a friendly way. Ouch! We’ve all been there now the real question remains – Why?

© Cooper the Cavapoo


 Is she taken? Is Cooper just not her breed?

 Stay tuned to find out!




Who wore it better?

This week’s battle off… 

What? The LV x Supreme hoodie

Who? Maui vs. Eliza vs. Tiger 

I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’ve been quite a few of us trying to pull off that Supreme bright red, LV stamped hoodie. Let’s not even mention the ones who failed, miserably. 

These three, however, look pretty dope in red.

Personally, I adore the combination Tiger went for Supreme leash + LV x Supreme hoodie – very cool chic. 

Maui kind of looks like she’s ready for bed and gives the hoodie a cosy Sunday vibe, which is not what its meant for, obvs!

Clear winner? Eliza! What a smile, such a queen! Thats the street style attitude we love! 

You think you wore it better? Prove it and send us a picture 

Despacito? Not for Pablito

Oh my paw.. Have you heard? 

One of our favourite Blue brindle Frenchie’s has landed several major ad campaigns. Just this week he revealed in an Instagram post his collaboration with the Three Dog Bakery from Missouri (major!)

Pablito has worked with Chewpreme, Icondogwear and Hype Pups – just to mention a few.

The latest news were shared by a close friend of Pablito’s, “It’s still top secret but he will be the face of Pupreme’s newest shortfilm!” The source also confirmed, “He’s very humble about it, trying to stay cool but I think internally he’s got dog bumps.” 

Well we are rooting for this little guy, he’s got the looks and the attitude!


© Pablito the Frenchie


He shared his promo code with us, so if you want 20% off, simply enter  “DOGFLUENCE”  at checkout.

The best STAR WARS protagonists

On this May the fourth – commonly known as Star Wars day – we thought we’d celebrate the real stars of the iconic saga.

Our editors looked deep into the archives to find the best Star Wars pictures OF ALL TIME:

Atchoum the Cat
© Atchoum the Cat
Ryder the Samoyed
© Ryder the Samoyed
Obiwan the Frenchie
© Obiwan the Frenchie
Crusoe the Dachshund
© Crusoe the Dachshund
Tuna the Chiweenie
© Tuna the Chiweenie
Ducky the Yorkie
© Ducky the Yorkie
Chewie the Pom
© Chewie the Pom

May the force be with you on this special day.


Some of these images’ quality might have been deteriorated due to archiving issues.

Grumpy Cat: Addicted to BOTOX!


A source has revealed that Grumpy Cat is addicted to BOTOX!

We all know that face. The moaning expression of world-famous Grumpy Cat (given name Tardar Sauce), supposedly due to feline dwarfism, is a LIE! She is not grumpy because of a physical malformation, but due to years of being addicted to botox.

We’ve all been there. Couple of touch ups never hurt anyone. But an addiction, really?

With her posts getting comments like “Grumpy, but charming 😻”, one can only know how much you’d want to maintain the distinctive feature. It is her trademark, after all. But has the addiction come before her rise to fame in 2012, or has it developed in the aim to stay popular?

Grumpy Cat
© Grumpy Cat

This revelation really questions the integrity of our favourite celebrities. Who can we trust? What is real? Is everything Grumpy Cat shared with us made up?

The only thing we can hope now is that she deals with her addiction and quits. We suggest a rehab where she’d learn to love herself for who she really is. Who knows, maybe we’ll love the real Tardar Sauce too.

Fan Profile: Daisy

Our fan series continues.

Celebrity pets most often emerge from the Internet, which is in itself accessible from (almost) everywhere. And so we thought we would trot the globe to get all the worldly points of view on our favourite stars. Today, Barcelonian Daisy talks to us about her style, her inspirations and tells us all about the gossip she heard on her travels.

First of all, could you start by introducing yourself?

Hi, my name is Daisy. I am a thirteen year old, mixed race pooch, born in the caribbean but have lived all around Europe for the last eight years. 

How would you describe your personal style?

I tend to dress quite classic, but always like to add some edge, whether its a nice fish-net, or dog-martens. 

What is your favourite S/S 2018 pet trend?

As I mentioned, I tend to go for the classics like Pawmain and Pawlenciaga, but you know recently with this hype for streetwear I have found myself embracing streetwear brands such as Pupreme, and Petements. It’s always quite fun and playful to mix and match couture with street-wear, especially as it gives it a tad bit of edge.

© Jasmine Boni-Ball

Can you let us know of any Instagram accounts you follow?

Wow, too many that’s for sure. I would have to say my favourite’s are Norma and Bambi Jenner,  but since the whole pregnancy, they totally have just gone MIA. Another is Miss Asia Kinney, whom regardless of her parents breakup, is still such a style icon and in general empowering female. Last but not least, who could actually forget Choupette Lagerfeld; style icon and fashionista. 

What are your top tricks to keep up to date with our fav celebs?

Recently I have been trying to take a break from social media, but I can’t help but use my morning coffee time, to catch up on social media feeds. E-news is another go to for the scandalous pet stories. 

Who is your biggest inspiration in the animal kingdom?

I would have to say Street Cat Bob. I use to run into him in Covent Garden a few years ago, really liking how he was able to pull off all these different hues and shades of colours in these incredible scarves, regardless of his ginger complexion.  He disappeared for a while and the next thing I know there is a film about him. Just incredible, he literally started from the bottom and now he’s a star. 

What is your favourite scandal story so far?

Well I’ve just flown back from LA and there are rumours circulating that Grumpy Cat, actually isn’t grumpy because of her underbite, but supposedly because of her addiction to Botox. Embrace your natural beauty ladies. 

Any celebrity crush we should know about?

So right now in this current moment, none. Considering I just got out of this long distance relationship with a Cane Corso in Milan (whom I actually caught cheating on me with not one, but another two girls), I’ve just decided to focus on myself and not fantasise on any celebrity, nor ex, nor no-one. At all!